Have a hankering for a cookie, but don't wish to make them yourself? Are you interested in building on the cottage based business of a brood of boys who promise to wash their hands before handling the mixing bowl? Want the smell of fresh baked cookies without getting out the measuring cups?

THEN....FOUR BOYS COOKIES IS FOR YOU! We are happy to deliver your cookie dough if you live within 30 miles {email with your coordinates: redapronorganic@gmail.com} of our kitchen-DC Metro Area. We have a driver!

And all the best to you,
Four Boys Cookies


We carry four kinds of 
cookie dough/$10 per roll 

  1. chunky chocolate chip 
  2. perfect peanut butter
  3. georgie gingersnaps
  4. shorty shortbread 

All of our delightful cookie doughs are made with wholesome, all natural ingredients procured locally. These handcrafted cookie dough rolls are packaged for the freezer or the refrigerator. All you have to do is heat your oven. 

Each roll makes about 2 dozen cookies. A portion of the proceeds goes to benefit Cakes for Cause, a local nonprofit that trains youth who have timed out of the foster care system. You can read more here.

Happy eating,
4 Boys Cookies